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Hospital Podcast 115 with special guest Netsky

hospital podcast 115 netsky

Hospital Podcast 115 and this week’s special guest is Netsky. His album is finally out and has been one of the most eagerly awaited debut albums in recent dnb history. We hear all about it on the podcast.

There is also brand new music from Camo + Krooked,  B-Complex and Muffler.




1. Netsky feat Darrison – Escape

2. Muffler – Uplifter

3. Grum – Heartbeats – Stanza Remix

4. Netsky – Secret Agent

5. Sunchase – Alluvion feat Electrosoul System

6. Mindscape – Zombie Nation

7. Netsky – The Magic Russian Bottle

8. Sato – Turning Point

9. Netsky – Daydreaming

10. M. Ashraf feat Nahid Ahktar – Good News For You – Bop Remix

11. Camo + Krooked – Reincarnation

12. Echo Inada – Breath

13. Netsky – Gravity

14. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies VIP



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