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Track of the week – w/e 30.05.10 – Alaska – ‘The Mesozoic Era’

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This is a feature of the blog where i pick my favourite track of the week. I will pick full releases only, no promos so hopefully all you readers should be able to pick yourself up a copy, be it .mp3, cd or vinyl.


Now i cant pick a single track for this week, simply because its such an amazing release. If i had to narrow down my favourite tracks it would be Nova’s, Celsius, Kodiak and Amzinai. Thats the most i can narrow it down haha.


Not only is the music amazing but the artwork and the way it is presented should get a mention too, limited black cd’s and all-white vinyl are on offer and they both look beautiful, mp3 is available too.


Veteran producer Dev Pandya has been pumping out various slants on the drum and bass genre since the mid 90s. It’s as Alaska that Pandya has donned his ambient jungle hat, promising an epic trilogy of Tolkien-esque proportions that began a decade ago with the Virtual Virtuosos LP. Now four years on from Arctic Foundations, Alaska has released the final chapter in The Mesozoic Era. Supposedly composed in sub zero surroundings, tracks such as “Kodiak” and “Viola” will please fans of ambient jungle rinse outs, with Alaska also getting some stunning vocal performances from acclaimed trance siren Kirsty Hawkshaw and Robert Manos. Finally, on “Sample Me #17″ Alaska again provides a track comprised of one long break for the budding producers out there to pilfer.


Listen –

Click here to buy the vinyl release

Click here to buy the cd release

Click here to buy the mp3 release

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  1. Nova’s is so good! I would vote for this one!

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