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DJ Marky – Podcast 27 – Old Skool DnB/Jungle Mix – June 2010

dj marky podcast 27

We are guessing Marky had a lot of fun putting together the previous old skool jungle mix because he has decided to do another!




1.Manix – Heading To The Light Remix

2.Nebula II – Peacemaker

3.Foul Play – Finest Illusion

4.Doc Scott – Let’s Go [Cold Remix]

5.Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Freedomism

6.SL2 – Way In My Brain Remix

7.The Brothers Grimm – Exodus

8.Blame – Feel The Energy [4Hero Remix]

9.The House Crew – We Are Hardcore [Magic Fantasy Remix]

10.Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – R Yeah

11.Nookie – A Drum,A Bass,A Piano [Origin Unknown Remix]

12.Renegade Feat. Ray Keith – Terrorist

13.Dj Mayhem – Inesse [Ray Keith Remix]

14.Johnny Jungle – Flammable

15.JMJ & Richie – Hall Of Mirrors

16.Oaysis – Outcry

17.Droppin’ Science – Firin Line [Origin Unknown Sound FX mix]

18.Slipmatt – Breakin Free

19.Shimon – The Predator [L Double Remix]

20.Brain Killers- Screw Face

21.L Double – Little Rollers Vol I

22.Dj Hype – Tiger Style

23.Nookie – Only You remix

24.Omni Trio – Soul Of Darkness



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