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DJ Hype – Kiss 100 – 15th July 2010


DJ Hype on Kiss 100.




Hazard-Hype Special-Never Being Released

T/S Dj Lee & S.P.Y.-Relentless-Cia Dub

O.S. Taxman-Casino Louder Bass-Playaz Dub

Commix-Deep Rhodes-Dub

Gridlock N Fats -Untitled-Playaz Dub

Potential Badboy-Your Mine Vip-Ganja Dub

Xample-Link 2-Ram Dub

Hazard-Killaz Don’t Die-Ganja

Optiv-Let It Hit Em-Dub

Fresh-Star Fall-Bbk Dub

Culture Shock-Cathedral-Ram Dub



O.S. -Get A Life-Playaz Dub

Bse-Chain Gang-Dub

Jaydan-Rude Boy-Dub

Sigma-Stronger-Bbk Dub

Crystal Clear-Heavy-Ganja Dub

Sub Zero-Brighter Days-Playaz Dub





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