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Crissy Criss – BBC 1Xtra DnB Mix Show – 26th August 2010

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This week Crissy brought a massive stack of new tracks into 1xtra, and dropped some freshness from Xample & Lomax under their Loadstar alias, RV & Wickerman, Zen and a tough new remix from Die and Interface to name just a few! Plus, Crissy dropped a few of his current favourites from Dave Owen, SPY, Heist and Edward Oberon. Large.




Makoto – Untold

Mr Tee – Microwave

Shapeshifter – Dutchies (State of Mind Remix)

Babylon Timewarp – Durban Poison (Vapour Remix)

Zen – Show Me The Love

Netsky – Moving With You (Die & Interface Remix)

Heist – Personal Mutant

Krakota and Judda – Sooty

Example – Last Ones Standing (TC Remix)

DJ Origin – Spinback

Fresh & Sigma – Cylon

RV & Wickerman – Beat Down

Supreme Being – Short out

Supreme Being – Once Upon A Time

Loadstar – Link To The Past

Tantrum Desire – Just Can’t Wait

Audio Adrenaline – Fourth Kind

Mutated Forms – Doubts

Audio – Genisis Device

Shock One – Polygon (Dirty Phonics Remix)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fu Man Chu

Tyke – Set Style

Pleasure & Origin – SarsparillaKid

Jaydan – Grim Reaper

Loadstar – Rapidas

Sigma – Stronger

Danny Bryd – Ill Bahaviour

Shapeshifter – Twin Galaxies (Upbeats VIP)

Danny Byrd – Amen Alley

Spy – By Your Side

DJ Chap – Seems I’m Never

Makoto – Release the Bird

Artificial Intelligence – Let It Be

Makoto – Stop

Andy Sim & Undersound – Sequance of Events

Dave Owen – Yo Girl

Edward Oberon – Paradise





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