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Anile & MC Fokus – GRAM Agency Podcast 9 – September 2010

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GRAM – Volume 9 of the GRAM Podcast is taken care by one of GRAMs newest exclusive artists, one of the most talked about new names on the scene: Anile. With releases on DSM, Inneractive, Renegade Hardware, Cylon, and more excellent music forthcoming he is fast becoming one of the best talents to break through. Alongside Anile we have fellow agency artist MC Fokus on hosting duties. Fokus is one of the most lyrically adept MCs in the game, with one of the best flows and style that is out there we are sure that if you havent heard him before you will agree, if you have you already know.




1.Anile – Disaffected (DeepSoul Music Dub)

2.DLR & Octane feat. Survival – Transition ( Renegade Hardware Dub)

3.Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach (Subtitles Dub)

4.Nymfo – Off Radar (Project 51 dub)

5.Anile – Last March (DeepSoul Music Dub)

6.DLR & Octane – The Fly (Sonorous Dub)

7.Anile – Induction (DeepSoul Music)

8.Raiden – Vo Dub (Critical Dub)

9.Triad – Out Of Scale (X-Tinction Agenda Dub)

10.Genotype – Mystical (Dub)

11.Anile & Dakosa – Replicant (DeepSoul Music Dub)

12.Gremlinz – Armshouse (Digital Soundboy Dub)

13.BTK feat 2SHY – Unknown (Dub)

14.Ulterior Motive – Glued (Subtitles)

15.Sinistarr & K Dan – Apollo (Tech:noir Dub)

16.S.P.Y – By Your Side (Spearhead Dub)


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