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Bailey with special guest Break – BBC 1Xtra – 24th November 2010

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Breaks, beats and dirty basslines – DJ Break is Bailey’s special guest, chatting about his new album & dropping a guest mix.




Brookes Brothers – Beautiful [feat. Robert Owens] [Breakbeat Kaos]

Expect – No Time To Lose [Hustle Audio]

A-Sides – One DJ VIP [Clear Skyz]

Crissy Criss & Youngman – Turn It Up [Technique]

Capone – Friday [Hardleaders]

Original Sin & Taxman – Penamana [Playaz]

Dope Ammo & Tone Def – Rollin [Sub Zero Remix] [Dope Ammo]

Wilkinson – Moonwalker [Ram]




Various Artists – Nightlife EP 1 [Ram Records]

Total Science [feat Riya] – Redlines [Break Remix] [Critical]

Mutated Forms – Doubts [Grid]

A-Sides – One DJ [Clear Skyz]




Calibre – Even If LP [Signature]


Trinity – Warp [Chronic]

Connecta & Dnk – Wolfs [Muzik Hertz]

Break – Is This What You Want [Symmetry]

Gridlok And The Upbeats – The Jitters [Ram]

Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy [Neosignal]

erb N dub & Deep Roots – Insomnia

Break – Slow Down (feat. Die) [Symmetry]




Break – Hold On (feat. Kyo) [Symmetry]

Code 3 – Unknown

Silent Witness – Frozen Still [Triple Seed]

Break – Time After Time [Symmetry]

Survival – Hand It Over (feat. Christina Nicola) [Audio Tactics]

Break – Don’t Look Down (Feat. Calyx & Teebee) [Symmetry]

Survival, Octane And DLR – Transitions [Renegade Hardware]

Break – Between The Lines (feat. SP:MC) [Symmetry]

DJ Die – Ghet To Bizness [Clear Skyz]

Noisia & Phace – Program

Villem – Do You I Wanna

Enei, Noel, East Colours – Cracker [Critical]

Break – All That’s Left [Symmetry]

Break – Martyr (feat. Spectrasoul) [Symmetry]

Break – The Only Way [Symmetry]


Spy – By Your Side [Spearhead LTD]

Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul [C.I.A]

Dave Owen – Loose Lips

ATP – Shibuya Nights [Bassdrive Tunes]

DJ Hazard – Death March [Playaz]

Mikal – Headbanger [Metalheadz]

Blokhe4d – Kisses and Lies

Cause 4 Concern – Hammer House

BCee & Lomax – One Year On


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