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Mary Anne Hobbs – Midnight Davis & lllumsphere – 18th February 2012


Mary Anne Hobbs is joined by Midnight Davis and Illumsphere.


Goldie feat. Natalie Duncan – ‘Freedom. The Statement’ (Metalheadz)
Scuba – ‘Gekko’ from the LP ‘Personality’ (Hotflush)
Burial – ‘Loner’ from the 12” ‘Kindred’ (Hyperdub)
Blacksmif – ‘…And The Sun Rose Out’ (Synchro)
Archie Pelago – ‘Alice’ (Dubplate)
Planas – ‘Breathtaking’ (Dubplate)
Skeptical – ‘Vintage Decade’ (Dubplate)
Venetian Snares – ‘Fool The Detector‘ (Planet Mu)
Presk – ‘Hesitate’ (Fourth Wave)
Yoko Duo – ‘Close These Curtains’ from the LP ‘Behaving Like A Widower’ (Fauxpas Musik)
Mau’lin – ‘Function Open’ (Diskotopia)


Julie London – ‘Cry Me A River’ (Midnight Davises Violation)
Midnight Davis – ‘Letting It Flow’
The Weeknd – ‘Glass Table Girls’
The Pharcyde – ‘Running’
Symmetry – ‘Blood Sport’
John Fitch – ‘Romantic Attitude’
Joy Division – ‘Insight’
Pylon – ‘Cool’
Midnight Davis – ‘Deafmess’

Rustie – ‘Surph’ (Warp)
South London Ordnance – ‘Crow’s Next’ (Dubplate)
TOY – ‘Clock Chimes’ Hard Way Brothers Outer Space Dub (Heavenly)
DjRUM – ‘Watermark’ (2nd Drop Dubplate)
Royce Wood Jr – ‘Don’t Wanna Loose You’ (Dubplate)
Boxwork – ‘Like Her Right There’ (Dubplate)


Illum Sphere – ‘Liquesce’ (Unreleased)
Illum Sphere- ‘Constellations’ (Unreleased)
Air Power- ‘Be Yourself’ (AVI)
Lone- ‘Earth’s Lungs’ (Forthcoming R&S)
Stereolab- ‘Op Hop Detonation’ (Duophonic)
Sleeping Giantz- ‘Raving Bully’ (Unreleased)
Adult- ‘Hand To Phone’ (Carl Craig Remix) (Clone)
Mark Pritchard- ‘Psycho’ (Unreleased)
Illum Sphere feat Scout Klas – ‘Nightwolf’ (Unreleased)
Lorn- ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased)
Illum Sphere- ‘It’ll Be Over Soon’ (Unreleased)
The Crusaders- ‘Sweet & Sour’ (Edit) (ABC)
Illum Sphere- ‘h808er’ (Unreleased)

iO & Py – ‘Whispers’ (Dubplate)
Tessela – ‘D Jane’ (PunchDrunk)
Ango & Jacques Greene – ‘No Ordinary Love’ (Dubplate)
Evian Christ – ‘Go Girl’ ‘Kings And Them’ (Tri Angle Records) (Free download http://tri-anglerecords.com/)
SBTRKT – ‘Hold On’ (SISIBAKBAK Remix) (Dubplate)
Bownr – ‘Fire & Water’ (Al Tourettes Mix) (Ricochet)


Click here to download @ Beatplexity


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